America’s Problem with ISIS


The threat of ISIS is constantly growing, while America’s ability to fight it is not. However, this does not mean the United States is suddenly going to suffer a horrible series of ISIS inspired attacks, although the intelligence assessment suggests that the threat is indeed growing. In the last decade and a half, not one terror attack lead by a foreign terrorist group has been successful whatsoever. The homeland has remained safe. Since the emergence of ISIS in 2014, they too, have been unable to lead any successful attacks in the United States. It is certain that the shootings in San Bernardino, California, were simply cases of non-related terrorism – although inspired by ISIS and jihadist ideology.

However, this does mean the ISIS and its phenomenon of global terrorism that it represents, is not going anywhere. It is a chronic threat to the entire world, as well as a dangerous and serious challenge to global security. There are several reasons as to why this is true.

First and foremost, it’s been nearly two years since ISIS declared its “Caliphate”. While the Unites States and some of its allies have achieved a lot of progress, such as taking away nearly a quarter of ISIS’ territory in Iraq and Syria, the group has still managed to create a both an international and regional presence. It has nearly fifty affiliates in twenty-one countries. They still manage to pull of attacks in France, Turkey, Tunisia, Africa, and even Lebanon and Indonesia.

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ISIS uses the media as a way to operate. Something that makes ISIS so deadly and strong is the fact that it isn’t just an externally created organization, or the product of one evil mind, like Hitler and the Nazi’s, it’s the fact that it is the result of an angry, dysfunctional and broken Middle East where the lack of effective leadership and bad government has created the mixture for an organization to rise. The Paris attacks in last November were supposedly a transformative moment in the warfare against ISIS, but even that moment proved to be way less significant in mobilizing the global community and or allies to be as involved in the action as the United States is. These are just some of the reasons as to why ISIS is so deadly.