The problem with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s populism



If Hillary Clinton is currently having some trouble fending off Bernie’s angry mom of populous campaigners in the Democratic primaries, how will she do against Trump in the concluding election?

The Liberal media is treating Hillary’s victory over Bernie in Nevada as a decisive victory. Yes, the support of the Democratic party’s super inflated delegates does in fact give her an advantage. But, even if Bernie doesn’t win the nomination for president, he’s still appealing to the still quite sizeable minority of the Democratic party.

The nationwide polls fluctuate regularly, going so far as to show a 11 delegate lead for Hillary and, later, a 2 delegate lead for Bernie. Let’s average it out and say that Hillary wins the nationwide vote this primary by 6 points, a perfect 53% to 47% divide. Let’s also say that maybe 15 or so million people vote in this Democratic primary; Hillary would win the nominee with around 8 million to 7 million votes for Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders, however, is crushing Clinton with young voters. Bernie voters average age ranges are between 18-29, while Hillary’s voters are around 30-44. Younger voters say that he is ‘more honest’ and ‘cares more about people like them.’

These aren’t normal weaknesses in the average Democratic nominee, and we haven’t gotten to the FBI’s investigation of the case yet. Sure, most of the 7 million Sanders’ voters will fall into place and vote for someone else by November, or maybe not as most polls vary from time to time, but the more it appears that the Democratic Party’s National Committee rigged the deck in her favor, the madder they’ll be at Washington’s establishment.

View some of the differences of the two candidates:

In the town hall last week on MSNBC News, one of the news anchors jabbed at Trump a little bit, purposely emphasizing his similarities to Democratic Socialist, Bernie Sanders, saying; “The candidate is considered a political outsider by all of the pundits. He’s tapping into the anger of the voters, delivers a populous message. He believes everyone in the country should have health care, he advocates for hedge-fund managers to pay higher taxes. He is drawing thousands of people at his rallies and bringing in a lot of new voters to the political process. And, he’s not beholden to anyone. Who am I describing?” Donald Trump guess himself, when in reality, he was speaking of Bernie Sanders. Trump doesn’t carry the water or take out the trash ( for anyone. Instead, he delegates and is under the control of precisely no one, except the American Voter.

Sure, Trump trails Clinton in most head-to-head polling. But none of Clinton’s weaknesses as a candidate are going to disappear once she wins the nomination. If American politics have truly arrived at a populist moment, she’s about the worst standard-bearer Democrats could ask for.

While it is true that Clinton trails Trump in most head-to-head congress polling, none of Hillary’s weaknesses as a presidential candidate are going to magically disappear if she wins the election. If the current state of American politics have truly arrived at a more populist moment, Hillary is by far the worst Democratic flagbearer that any Democrat could ask for.

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