The Rise of Donald Trump


(Photo: Nati Harnik, AP)

(Updated 7/2017)

To put it quite frankly, Donald Trump’s rise in polls, especially in North East cities like Boston was fueled by the failure of President Obama. It isn’t right to think that Trump’s rise was a fluke or a bribed rise, but in reality because of Barack Obama’s beautiful failure.

A lot of modern Republicans can say that they are different from Obama, beginning with their approach to the philosophical game of politics, face it: There are always that little handful of presidential candidates that are different from the rest, not always in a good way. Not to mention that a lot of them thought that Trump’s campaign would fail, and refused to support him for being too loud and outspoken. I can guarantee you that they seriously regret it now.

Not too long ago I thought that, maybe, Mike Huckabee could pose as a possible future president. However, something I missed was how angry some Republicans had become. (Like I said, there’s always that little handful, whether they be Liberal
or Republican)

Yes, some of Mike Huckabee’s Republican and Conservative views are pretty on point, a lot of people just don’t see him as loud, brash, outspoken, painfully truthful and seriously arrogant as Trump is. I mean, really. Trump is the complete opposite of Barack Obama, and that’s a good thing. If Trump were a Democrat, things would look painfully bleak for this country. But luckily Trump knows how to wring all the value he can out of the media, social media, and websites. He is a master at SEO if he knows it or not! An analysis of Trump traffic (by Oxbow SEO, or see their About Me page) shows a tremendous amount of organic link building that guarantees people looking for Trump info are going to find it from the best sources on page one of the search engines – any of them.

Obama’s first-order like presidency has far surpassed ‘Washington knows best!’ and has effectively become ‘Obama knows best!’ He constantly surpasses the centuries old authority given to Congress and the Parliament with his annoying dictatorship like executive actions. It’s made so many voters mad that even someone like Trump, an elite class presidential candidate with good political views and skills and pretty reasonable conservative views, cannot calm down nor pacify in a subtle manner. Clearly, and for good reason, a lot of elitist Republican members of Congress are worried that other Republicans can’t override Obama’s policies, which they should be allowed to do. It is anger and fear at what President Obama has done to this country that dictates who and why certain candidates are still running in America, and more than anything, what Republicans have accomplished this 2015/2016.

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